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Yaacobi, Benjamin K, *2.09.1955, IL

YACHIA; Rabbi Abu Yachia describes chess in his Hebrew writings. E [BW] = 0980

Yacoubian, Garen K, *11.04.1951, F

Yaffe, Josua, Dr. K, *1913, IL

Yagupov, Igor IM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2450

Yahalow, Alexander K

Yahoo Chess Links pQ ® http://www.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/Board_Games/Chess/

Yahoo Chess page Q

Yak E ® Yak m

Yakimchik, Vitold born. Soviet chess composer. E [BW] = 1911

Yakimchik, Vitold died. Soviet chess composer. E [BW] = 1977

Yakovich, Yuri GM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2560, ELO V 1999 = 2541

Yadrez Arte Internationales Turnier von Yadrez Arte E (Sociedade dos Amogos do Yadrez-Arte), 1988. Hilfsmatt-Mehrzüger Preisrichter: Mario Figuereido [feenschach XII 1990 S. 497 Entscheid; 2 H#3]

Yakovich, Yuri RUS, ELO V 1999 = 2541

Ye Jiangchuan CHN, ELO V 1999 = 2565

Yermolinsky, Alexey USA, ELO V 1999 = 2550

Yudasin, Leonid ISR, ELO V 1999 = 2541

Yurtaev, Leonid KYR, ELO V 1999 = 2512

Yusupov, Artur RUS / GER, ELO V 1999 = 2586

Y as Yugoslavia ®

yale E = fers-wazir hunter E (Zugrichtung 25) [George Jelliss, Variant Chess, Herbst 1997, S. 109-110] ® Shogi nDE ® fers-wazir hunter E ® Yale E ® Fers-Wesir-Jäger m ® Zugrichtung f 25

Yamanishi, Jorge T. K, *20.09.1938, BR

Yan nDE = black aE (north position) ® Qiguo Xiangxi E

Yan, Tan Hien K, *1898, IDN

Yandemirov, Valeri GM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2470

Yang, Xian FM HKG, ELO VI 1998 = 2415

Yang-Schach, Yin- ® Yin-Yang-Schach n [Hilmar Ebert]

Yanik, Emine FM TUR, ELO VI 1998 = 2045

Yankovich Variation, two knights defence E = C58 1.e2e4 e7e5 2.g1f3 b8c6 3.f1c4 g8f6 4.f3g5 d7d5 5.e4d5 c6a5 6.d2d3 h7h6 7.g5f3 e5e4 8.d1e2 a5c4 9.d3c4 f8c5 10.f3d2 [JM] ®

Yanofsky b. Brody, Poland. 8-time Canadian ch. Br ch 1953. E [BW] = 1925.03.26

Yanofsky wins Canadian Championship held in Quebec. E [BW] = 1947.06.29

Yanofsky, Daniel Abe (1925- ) E Polish born Canadian lawyer and GM (1964) who was the first GM in the British Commonwealth. He won the Canadian championship 8 times, won the US Open in 1942, and the British Championship in 1953. He has been the mayor of a suburb of Winnipeg. [CT]

Yanuarta, Simadibrata K, *26.01.1944, IDN

Yanvarjov, Igor IM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2415

Yarosh, Leonid (1957- ) composed a direct mate orthodox Babson Task, though impossible for 70 years. E [BW] = 1983

Yasseen, Aly IM EGY, ELO VI 1998 = 2315

Yastrebov, Aleksandr FM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2335

Yates (b. 1884), English master, died from a gas leak. E [BW] = 1932.11.11

Yates born Leeds. British champion 6 times. E [BW] = 1884.01.16

Yates Variation, Queen‘s Indian E = E16 1.d2d4 g8f6 2.c2c4 e7e6 3.g1f3 b7b6 4.g2g3 c8b7 5.f1g2 f8b4 6.c1d2 a7a5 [JM] ®

Yates wins his 5th British ch, at Tenby. E [BW] = 1928

Yates, Frederick Dewhurst K, *16.01.1884-11.11.1932, GB E Six-time British champion. A leak from a faulty gas pipe killed him while he was asleep. He had just finished a 16 game simultaneous exhibition in London) [CT]

Yazgac - Schachcomputer was sie wirklich können. Q 271 Seiten - kartoniert - Beyer 1989

Yazid I ibn Muawiya, becomes caliph. E [BW] = 0683

Yazid, son of Muawiyah, died. E [BW] = 0683

Ychess EC (1.10) ® http: //stud1.tuwien.ac.at/~ e8925162/ ychess.thml

Ye, Jiangchuan GM CHN, ELO VI 1998 = 2510, V 1999 = 2565

Yugoslavian Tal (the ~) = Nickname for ® Velimirovic, Dragoljub. His mother was Yugoslavia‘s first woman champion. [CT] ® „der Yugoslawische Tal“ = Spitzname für Velimirovic, Dragoljub GM (1942- ) YUG, ELO VI 1998 = 2535

Ye, Rongguang GM CHN, ELO VI 1998 = 2535

year E ® Jahr n

Year in Review E

year, a - ago E ® vor einem Jahr n

Yedidia, Jonathan born. E [BW] = 1963.09.26

Yedidia, Jonathan IM USA, ELO VI 1998 = 2400

Yedioth Aharonoth Q

Yee, Karl Y. FM USA, ELO VI 1998 = 2295

Yegiazarian, Arsen IM ARM, ELO VI 1998 = 2500

Yeltsin, Boris The Russian President founded the Sverdlovsk Chess Club. E [TR]

YEM = Yemen E

Yemelin, Vasily GM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2510

Yemen ®

Yemen E = YEM E Schach = Arabic: Al-Satranj

Yen mDE = Zugrichtung f 235 (Shogi nDE) [George Jelliss, Variant Chess, Herbst 1997, S. 109-110] ® Shogi nDE ® Zugrichtung f 235

Yepishin, Vladimir born. IGM 1990. (Epishin) E [BW] = 1965.07.11

Yermo Chess Academy EC ®

Yermolinsky and Goldin tie for 1st at World Open. E [BW] = 1996.07.07

Yermolinsky wins 1993 World Open in Philadelphia E [BW] = 1993.07.05

Yermolinsky wins US Championship, Parsippany, NJ. E [BW] = 1996.07.29

Yermolinsky, Alex GM USA *11.04.58 ELO > 2630, VI 1998 = 2625, V 1999 2550

Yeti mDE [Variant Chess 1993-1996 S. 63]

Yermolinsky, Alexey born. GM E [BW] = 1958.04.11

Y-flight E ® Ypsilon-Flucht f = Y-Flucht f

Y-Flucht f ® Y-flight E

Yi Zheng mDE ® Retired a Scholar E

Yi Zheng Retired Scholar Pei Zi-xi EQ (The -) obtained a copy of the text of this game‘s rules and had it engraved on wooden blocks so that it would be widely transmitted. It was then printed on the day of the Lantern Festival in the second year of the Kai-xi reign period (24 February 1206). Game Board with ® Initial Position E ® G = General m ® D = Deputy General E ® O = Officer E ® L = Liaison Officer E (Diplomat mDE) ® P = Pao mDE (Cannon E) ® A = Archers pE ® C = Crossbowmen pE ® S = Swordsmen pE ® B = Broadswordsmen pE ® H = Horsemen pE (Cavalry E) ® Z = Zhou mDE ® King Yan Zhao E [LH]

Yilmaz, Turham IM TUR, ELO VI 1998 = 2445

Yin, Hao FM CHN, ELO VI 1998 = 2380

Yin-Yang Chess E [Hilmar Ebert] ® Yin-Yang-Schach n

Yin-Yang-Schach n Hier wird das „innere Gleichgewicht“ einer Stellung beachtet; es herrscht dann, wenn genauso viele Steine (gleich welcher Farbe oder Gangart) auf weißen Feldern wie auf schwarzen stehen. Verletzt eine Partei das Gleichgewicht (durch einen Felderfarbwechsel und/oder einen Schlagfall), so muss die gegnerische es postwendend wiederherstellen. Kann sie das nicht, so steht sie märchenpatt oder, wenn ihr im herkömmlichen Sinne Schach geboten wurde, ® märchenmatt. [H. Ebert, Das Vielväterproblem& XII 1989 S. 71] ® Yin-Yang Chess E [Hilmar Ebert]

Ylikarjula, Simo K, *28.08.1945, FIN

Yoffie, Marc born. E [BW] = 1947.08.14

yogurt E A yogurt brought to Karpov during the world championship match with Korchnoi brought a protest. A suitable choice of color or flavor could have conveyed advice. [CT] ® Joghurt m

Yorkshire Master Invitation OT E Open Tournament) [Rotherham; England] ®

Yorkshire Weekly Post Q

Yoront, Yis K

Yosha, Aveshalom K, *29.02.1916, IL

you exposed your piece to capture EC ® C

you gave up coverage of an important square EC ® C

you gave up coverage of square EC

you may capture EC ® C

You must move this piece! E ® Sie müssen mit dieser Figur ziehen!

You only live twice E ® Man lebt nur zweimal

you opened access to square EC ® C

you opened dangerous diagonal EC ® C

you opened dangerous rank or file EC ® C

you should recapture EC ® C

you touched EC ® C

you want me to shut up EC ® C

Young Lenin Q

Young Masters International Tournament 1.2b-Zone E 04.12.96 Rishon-le-Zion. ISR

Young Pioneers, Palace of - ® Palace of Young Pioneers pE ® Palast m der Jungen a Pioniere mp

Young, Francis Joseph K, *22.07.1847-6.07.1922, GB

Young, Ronald FM ELO VI 1998 = 2305 USA

Youngest E Youngest master is Jordy Mont-Reynaud, 10 years 7 months. Youngest GM is Teimour Radjabov: 14 years and 14 days! Young Teimour finished tied for first, scoring 8.5/11, at the International Chess Title Tournament in Alushta, Ukraine held through March 9 to 19 to earn his 3rd and final GM norm. Youngest person to win a national championship was Murshed who won the Bangladesh championship at age 12. Youngest player to beat an expert was Ariel Avigad-Vernon, age 7 years and 237 days, who beat an expert, Nick Dumyk. [CT] ® Jüngste ... a

Youngest National Champion Niaz Murshed won the championship of Bangladesh in 1979, still 6 weeks shy of his 13th birthday. E [TR]

Youngest World Champion Garry Kasparov won the title on November 9, 1985, at the age of 22 years and 210 days. E [TR]

Youngsters pE ®

Youngworth, Perry born. E [BW] = 1962.06.09

your Bishop accusat EC ® C

your Bishop nominat EC ® C

your King accusat EC ® C

your King nominat EC ® C

your Knight accusat EC ® C

your Knight nominat EC ® C

your Move did not parry vEC ® C

Your Move EC ® C

your Move is EC ® C

your Move is not strongest aEC ® C

your Move leads v to bad trouble EC ® C

your Move leads v to trouble EC ® C

Your Move Q

your Pawn accusat EC ® C

your Pawn nominat EC ® C

your Queen accusat EC ® C

your Queen nominat EC ® C

your Rook accusat EC ® C

your Rook nominat EC ® C

Youth E ®

Youth of Grey Ural Schev 1.6 -Zone E 03.01.97 Ekaterinburg. RUS

Youth of Grey Ural Women 1.6 -Zone E 03.01.97 Ekaterinburg. RUS

Youth Open, International ~ ® International Youth Open E

Youth Team Championship, World - ® World Youth Team Championship E

Ypsilon-Flucht f ® Y-flight E

Yrjola, Jouni born. Finland GM 1990. E [BW] = 1959.10.24

Yrjola, Jouni GM FIN, ELO VI 1998 = 2400

Ystads Allehanda Q

YU = YUG = Jugoslawien = Föderative a Republik f Jugoslawien

Yu, Peter born. E [BW] = 1969.06.28

Yu, Shaoteng FM CHN, ELO VI 1998 = 2420

Yudasin / Soloviev Q Schliemann Gambit. 184 Seiten - kartoniert - 1994

Yudasin, Leonid born. GM 1990. E [BW] = 1959.08.08

Yudasin, Leonid GM *08.08.59 ISR ELO > 2600, VI 1998 = 2550, V 1999 2541

Yurtaev, Leonid KYR, ELO V 1999 = 2512

Yusupov, Artur GER, ELO V 1999 = 2586

Yuferov, Sergey N. IM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2415

Yudovich died. E [BW] = 1987.09.19

Yudovich, Soviet IM and author, born. E [BW] = 1911.06.08

YUG = YU = Jugoslawien = Yugoslavia E

YUG Championship Semifinal Women 1.5a-Zone E 12.12.96 Niska Banja. YUG

Yugoslav attack / Mar del Plata Variation E = 1.d2d4 g8f6 2.c2c4 g7g6 3.b1c3 f8g7 4.e2e4 d7d6 5.g1f3 e8g8 6.f1e2 e7e5 7.e1g1 b8c6 [JM] ®

Yugoslav Attack E B76-B78 ®

Yugoslav Championship Semifinal Men p E 12.12.96 Niska Banja. YUG 1.5a-Zone

Yugoslav System E E65-E66 ®

Yugoslavia E = YUG E In 1271 Svetoslav Surinj beat the Venetian Doge, Peter II, in a chess match and won the right to rule the Dalmation towns of Yugoslavia. A chessboard appears in the Croation coat of arms. [CT]

Yukhtman born. E [BW] = 1935.01.14

Yukhtman died. E [BW] = 1985.01.26

Yuneev, Alexey IM RUS, ELO VI 1998 = 2430

Yurdansky attack, two knights defence E = C56 1.e2e4 e7e5 g1f3 b8c6 f1c4 g8f6 d2d4 e5d4 e1g1 f6e4 f1e1 d7d5 c4d5 d8d5 b1c3 d5a5 c3e4 c8e6 c1g5 h7h6 g5h4 g7g5 e4f6 e8e7 b2b4 [JM] ®

Yurtaev, Leonid GM KGZ, ELO VI 1998 = 2540

Yusupov defeats Spraggett in quarterfinals in Quebec. E [BW] = 1989.02.04

Yusupov, Artur (1960- ) E In 1991 Grandmaster Yusupov was shot and seriously injured in a burglary attempt in Moscow. [CT]

Yusupov, Artur born. IGM 1980. E [BW] = 1960.02.13

Yusupov, Vaganian, Sokolov tie at Montpellier. E [BW] = 1985.11.03

Yusupov-Rubinstein system, Queen‘s pawn E = A46 1.d2d4 g8f6 2.g1f3 e7e6 3.e2e3 [JM] ®

YV = Venezuela

Yzarn, Xavier K [Jugendschach Bd.II]

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